Running Motivation

“Mind Games – A movie about running”. A running motivational video by Casey Neistat, an awesome video worth watching if you’re in need of motivation to go for a run, it’s given me a couple of ideas for my own short clip after I started to use the “one second per day” app to record… Continue reading

Compression Socks Running – Day 2

This morning I went for a 10k run, which ended up being 11.05k (according to MapMyRun), I clocked 54.22, two minutes slower than yesterday, without the compression socks on, however, I did run a flat 5km split only 4 seconds difference between my two 5k runs, which I was pleased with. Compression Socks Running It was… Continue reading

Moved Back To WordPress

My experiment is over and I’ve moved back over to WordPress from Svbtle, I have to say I am still a huge fan of the Svbtle platform and all it has to offer, I’ve learned a lot however there are a few reasons for me moving back over to WordPress. WordPress is such a versatile platform…. Continue reading

Site Organisation

Originally this post went live on I have since taken that site down and have set up as a simple “one-page” responsive website for the sake of simplicity, minimalism and productivity. I feel this will allow me to use this site a little more. My ideas have changed very slightly since writing the… Continue reading

Lesson 5.1 – TV Sound Setup

A couple of weeks ago I decided to upgrade my media centre PC with all of the queued, recommended Windows 7 updates that had been building up over the past few months. Unfortunately what entailed was a whole load of headache and frustration even though the final solution was very simple, that said, the process… Continue reading

Svbtle, here to stay? Possibly

After posting two days ago that I’d made my mind up on using #svbtle as my personal blogging platform I started to get cold feet. I was worried about my content being on a server that I don’t control or own despite the benefit of clean URLs. I was worried about where my Google+ authorship… Continue reading

New Blog Platform for Writing

One of my goals for 2014 is to write more. I’ve been using a paper notebook daily and I have stuck to this goal so far. I have found since getting into the habit of writing; getting my thoughts and ideas onto paper, or in this case, online, are a real help in developing ideas… Continue reading