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Moved back to WordPress

My experiment is over and I’ve moved back over to WordPress from Svbtle, I have to say I am still a huge fan of the Svbtle platform and all it has to offer, I’ve learned a lot, however, there are a few reasons for me moving back over to WordPress.

WordPress is such a versatile platform. It allows me to write directly to my blogs via the WordPress App which is a huge win for me. I also felt the volume of websites I was trying to maintain by using the Svbtle platform was not productive.

My four main reasons for moving over to WordPress:

Minimalism – I decided to trim back on all of the sites I’d previously listed to run different topics and ideas from, we all know it’s much easier to run one thing, having several items that just add clutter to your to do list and in turn clutters up your life.

Ownership – I went through the process of archiving all of my posts and the data I was writing on an entirely separate blog (archive.olliesblog.com) while I was writing on Svbtle just to back everything up in case the platform was taken down or they released some form of advertising I wasn’t happy with. This was a fairly quick process for me, but it wasn’t entirely easy. I think it’s much better for it to “just work” and happen automatically on the native platform.

Customisation – The whole point of Svbtle is to promote writing and it certainly achieves that goal, in fact it is an amazing writing platform and I really like it because of that minimal feel and the idea to just write, that said the customisation offered by WordPress still allows me to do this. I am now using the “gust” plugin on my WordPress blog which gives me the same style of editor on my site when writing, which I feel helps me to churn out lots of words and ideas, it also still gives me access to the WordPress app so I can write posts on the go. I have also gone for a Medium style minimal WordPress theme, which I think looks great.

Optimisation – This ‘kind of’ fit loosely into customisation however as WordPress (self-hosted) is so easy to tune-up for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) this allows me to edit on-site elements on-the-fly that help with my overall site ranking. In addition, a self-hosted WordPress blog allows me to test newer SEO elements such as Schema and Google+ authorship, WordPress is an absolute no-brainer. Don’t let anyone tell you they’re an Internet marketing/content marketing “expert” if they’ve never run their own self-hosted WordPress blog.

So there you have it, back on WordPress with a lot less “clutter” fewer sites and, the best thing, a ton of extra knowledge. I plan to stick around on this set up for at least another week…

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