I decided it was time to get myself a new iPod as I’ve been hitting the gym everyday recently while applying for graduate jobs. The the battery on my old shuffle has died! It lasts about an hour at the best of times so, it’s time.

I decided to invest in one of the brand new iPod Shuffle’s. I looked around on eBay and decided on getting a clone of the new iShuffle, why? Well mainly because it was a lot cheaper but also because I wasn’t overly impressed with the official Apple iPod Shuffle I bought about a year ago. Ok it’s lasted a year, but I don’t think that’s worth the £60+ I paid for it!? It was ok, and did the job but I guess most mark up in price goes into the fancy packaging, and the image of the device. But who uses the packaging after the 1st day anyway?! Another complaint about my older official Apple iPod shuffle was that I had to download a special program for it to work without iTunes?! And Apple complain about Microsoft! Pah! I hate the iTunes program trying to eat up my hard disk space and RAM, I am quite capable of managing my own music collection thank you very much!

Anyway after searching eBay I found a nice looking advert to get my iPod shuffle clone from, the seller was based in Hong Kong, and I ended up winning the bidding for – £4.99 + £9.99 postage! WOW CHEAP! I really wasn’t expecting a lot for my money for that price but it arrived today, just 4 days later and WOW!

It arrived this morning (Saturday) and I had a lazy lie in but fortunately the postman popped the parcel through the door so I didn’t need to get my arse out of bed to sign for it! 😀

Unfortunately the only thing that was a “random selection” in the auction was the choice in colour of “free storage sock” you get to store the iPod in and… Yep I got pink! Out of the 6 random colours I got the pink! Oh well, just hope I don’t get any strange looks when packing the iPod away when in the gym.

Either way I got the full works for £14.98! It’s great the thing is TINY even though you see it in pictures on the Internet it seems smaller when you actually get it. It doesn’t need iTunes to work, simply plug in your PC via USB and upload your tracks, brilliant! Its a small steel case and solid design comes with headphones and everything I need! Luckily I got to choose the colour of the iPod itself otherwise I’d look a bit odd with a pink iPod shuffle strapped to my shorts! It’s got a large 1GB memory which is more than enough for use in the gym. I use my w810i mobile phone as my walkman in the day! So the shuffle is ideal for gym use only.

Its playback is even better, clearer and louder than the older branded iPod shuffle! When you skip tracks it fades the last tune out quickly its a very smooth effect! It comes with the free Random colour sock as I said before, headphones, and USB to iPod cable. All in all it’s a great buy!

Another great thing with this iPod is that I can lose the armband which I used to wear to hold my old iPod shuffle on my arm, instead I just clip this newer one on to my shorts, a lot more comfortable when busting out those bicep curls.

All in all a great buy! Want to get one for yourself? This is the place I bought mine: http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/bthworld08