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Originally this post went live on I have since taken that site down and have set up as a simple “one-page” responsive website for the sake of simplicity, minimalism and productivity. I feel this will allow me to use this site a little more. My ideas have changed very slightly since writing the post below, but I thought I’d upload this post anyway.

What is this site? In fact, what are all of these Olly/Ollie sites?

I’ve decided to set up and utilise a few domains I had sitting around to better organise my digital life and my own personal content creation. After looking over my original blog that I started way back in 2005, I think there was a lot of very interesting content to look back and reflect on which made me realise I should have tried to keep it running, if not just for the SEO benefits to reflect on what I’ve done since then, unfortunately, it slowly died as I got on with other sites and business start-ups.

Back in 2005 I did try and put everything in the one place which was much easier and a simple solution, however, I now believe the Internet has niched down since then, therefore a post about how I think BitCoin will affect the retail landscape (with no reference to online marketing) may visitors to off, even though I feel as I want to write about it and clear my head, so I set about creating this small network of personal sites to put and store all of my “other” content and, essentially, my “digital life”.

As I mentioned before, I put most of the things I’m writing on my primary website, as most things I think about relate back to online marketing, which is primarily my profession, however, I do enjoy writing about other things that sometimes don’t quite fit into the online marketing niche or would just simply be out of place. I’m not writing about these other areas often and it’s normally a spur of a moment thing, so don’t expect regular updates, and in addition, I don’t expect many if any readers. But still, I wanted somewhere to share what I’ve written, so I organised my websites and Information into a selection of small sites:


I thought I’d share this structure here, just in case it helps anyone else struggling to organise their digital content or if anyone is interested why and for what reason I have several online properties. Feel free to reach out or comment. – This is my primary website which is simply my name. I’ve previously run an online consultancy under this domain, however for now and at the date of this post, this is my primary blog on the topic of online marketing.

  • My primary website
  • Online marketing focus
  • Social media marketing information and tests (although for me this sits under the banner of “online marketing” anyway)
  • Tests on search and online marketing
  • Working case studies and examples – My personal blog and my website for anything that’s not online marketing related, on the svbtle blogging platform.

  • 301′d many posts from my old original 2005 blog to this web property
  • Testing out another “simple blogging platform” other than WordPress
  • For anything that doesn’t fit into online marketing
  • A mind dump for things that I think might be useful
  • A place for any life “journeys” such as simplicity, minimalism and travel
  • Life lessons I’ve had and would like to share which help me to reflect and track personal progress
  • This site is an archive on a WordPress blog of all the posts from, as this is using as the blogging platform (for simplicity and to try something different). Unfortunately svbtle doesn’t have an archive as such, so to be safe I’ve set up this archive site to back everything I write on up and make is easily searchable.
  • Automated updates
  • No maintenance required – My personal “about me” Visify replacement page.

  • About me page, with a short and simple URL
  • Fairly static content which doesn’t change much
  • Acts as a hub for linking to all of my online properties and social media accounts
  • Easy site URL to tell people in conferences and meetings, or jot down in seconds
  • (no longer active, all of this proposed content will now go on
    This is the site we’re on right now. A simple news site for updates about all my sites and me, a basic overview, not updated all that often.
  • Any professional working changes that occur (more context than just a LinkedIn update)
  • Books I’ve read
  • A test area for SEO work and other SEO tests
  • Old “work” projects that I might want to share
  • Any “just for fun” stuff, as is more of a writing platform, this site can be used for more “fun style” updates, such as my “NBA JAM World Champion” status update

Life Blog – Private Life Blog (on a private URL)
Simply an online diary for my own personal thoughts.

  • This is a daily blog/diary that I’ve found very useful for clearing my thoughts, things are better out than in and help generate ideas
  • Photos, thoughts, and in general a mind dump
  • Sometimes these posts are edited up and make it through to any of my other sites listed above

And that’s the lot, Ollies own network! It did take a few days to set all of the sites up, and it may even seem a little complex for what it is, however, if you drill down there are only three sites that are written on and it makes absolute sense to me to separate these three areas of content. I’ve found doing this has helped productivity and got me writing a lot more, which for me is a good thing.

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