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Svbtle, here to stay? Possibly

After posting two days ago that I’d made my mind up on using #svbtle as my personal blogging platform I started to get cold feet.
I was worried about my content being on a server that I don’t control or own despite the benefit of clean URLs. I was worried about where my Google+ authorship is going to go? I was worried about the organisation of my posts, I couldn’t help but think; how on earth will I ever find my posts and sort through the post topics without categories and tags?!

I did some extensive Google research looking for these answers only to find similar questions on discussion boards and forums, with no answers. The only answer I could find was that, yes, eventually these features may be released onto the svbtle platform.

I decided to set about looking for an alternative, first stop a svbtle WordPress theme, one exists however it’s an early svbtle release clone and looks very different. No where near as slick as the current iteration of the svbtle platform, and of course the backend is a clunky WordPress hack, slow and annoying, which was what I was trying to get away from in the first place for my personal blog.

I then looked back to Ghost, despite being put off by the reviews and volume of early adopters that had posted links to their sites which were around 90% dormant or broken. I started building Ghost which is very easy on a local system, but Ghost is a beast to get running on a private server, and that’s coming from an early Arch Linux user so I opted out of Ghost, yet again. I also refused to pay the $5 a month for the lower end hosted Ghost(pro) service.

I briefly considered Blogger, but then opted out after looking at some of the themes on offer and the older style publishing dashboard.

I decided to look further afield and found another huge selection of blogging CMS platforms all with the same concept as svbtle, clean minimal slick blogging with no distractions. Here’s a great list I found in a comments section and also some discussion on Reddit:

All were great CMS ideas and concepts, some were very interesting, but none won me over completely, the best of the bunch was the very promising Dropplets which is very similar to svbtle in many ways and very simple to install on your server.

I got this up and running within minutes, however the huge thing that put me off of Dropplets was that to upload a post you are required to upload a physical post file. This is fine for me when I’m working on a laptop, but what if I’m travelling? Also this makes the ability to post blog posts via a mobile device a little tricky. This wasn’t ideal. but I’ll be keeping a very close eye on Dropplets as a blogging platform for the future, as a side note on the Dropplets Twitter account it looks as though they may implement ZenPen (which I discovered during my research phase today) into the Dropplets platform for writing posts, this would be awesome.

After all of this searching and research looking for a new blogging CMS I decided to go back to WordPress and began searching for a new theme, luckily I’d still kept my WordPress installation on a server, so I changed my hosts IP before looking adjusting the DNS. I found some themes and then settled on a Twitter Bootstrap theme to get up and running with. I made a couple of last minute edits, and then checked back to the svbtle platform to copy paste my original post from two days ago, and then I stopped…

I stopped to look at how clean the platform was, I stopped worrying about how there are no categories or tags, I stopped caring about the fact the content isn’t hosted on my own server and I started to write this post.

In essence that’s the genius behind the platform. Svbtle takes away the noise and allows you to write. I didn’t change the DNS and kept my A record pointing to svbtle.

My primary online marketing blog is my primary blog for content and focus on what I do day to day, Google+ authorship, ranking is important here to help build authority, however, I began this blog to empty my mind of ideas, free up some headspace, as I mentioned in my first post clear out the “clutter” through writing it down here.

I’ve now taken a step back and get what Dustin Curtis means, I don’t mind that svbtle hasn’t got categories or tags. The fact I’ve written two 700+ word blogs and this post straight off of the actions taken to change my blogging platform, speaks volumes to the ease and the actual reasons svbtle exists.

It really is a fantastic blogging platform for writing. I hope I stick around another week.

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