Day 460 – GETTING S&%T DONE! ⚡️ 👻 ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT: OLLIESBLOG ⬆ ongoing daily stories & up to the minute posts. (read more 👇🏼) 🎵 MUSIC: all produced by The Passion HiFi ~ 📅 Tuesday 24the May 📍 Melbourne, Australia Almost at the point I can launch some of my new business… Continue reading

Running Motivation

“Mind Games – A movie about running”. A running motivational video by Casey Neistat, an awesome video worth watching if you’re in need of motivation to go for a run, it’s given me a couple of ideas for my own short clip after I started to use the “one second per day” app to record… Continue reading

Compression Socks Running – Day 2

This morning I went for a 10k run, which ended up being 11.05k (according to MapMyRun), I clocked 54.22, two minutes slower than yesterday, without the compression socks on, however, I did run a flat 5km split only 4 seconds difference between my two 5k runs, which I was pleased with. Compression Socks Running It was… Continue reading

Moved Back To WordPress

My experiment is over and I’ve moved back over to WordPress from Svbtle, I have to say I am still a huge fan of the Svbtle platform and all it has to offer, I’ve learned a lot however there are a few reasons for me moving back over to WordPress. WordPress is such a versatile platform…. Continue reading

Site Organisation

Originally this post went live on I have since taken that site down and have set up as a simple “one-page” responsive website for the sake of simplicity, minimalism and productivity. I feel this will allow me to use this site a little more. My ideas have changed very slightly since writing the… Continue reading

Lesson 5.1 – TV Sound Setup

A couple of weeks ago I decided to upgrade my media centre PC with all of the queued, recommended Windows 7 updates that had been building up over the past few months. Unfortunately what entailed was a whole load of headache and frustration even though the final solution was very simple, that said, the process… Continue reading