For many gym enthusiasts, traditional equipment is no longer good enough.

A treadmill normally comes with a small screen displaying a variety of statistics so that users can track their workout and measure their progress, most exercise bikes are equipped with the same, but what else can we look to for the future of gym equipment?

The same old equipment has been in gyms for years should be upgraded or complemented with modern machines like a Jacobs ladder. Any gym worthy of the name should have equipment that provides the numbers to accompany your workout, whether that’s in terms of distance covered, heartrate, average pace, calories busted or whatever the vital statistic may be.

Today, there are numerous gyms which fully embrace technological innovations like the Spivi studio, a virtual reality cycling workout which features a large screen tracking the progress of users and introducing an exciting level of healthy competition!

Another fantastic tool is the Wellness Key, a flash drive which actually tracks your activity and attaches to your waist, making it easily portable as well as extraordinarily accurate. It can even detect equipment that is and isn’t available at gyms near you, pretty cool right?

The infographic below from My Fitness Boutique looks at some of the gym equipment that could soon become commonplace in most gyms. Let’s see what awaits fitness fanatics!

Future Gym Infographic